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What is Argent Global Network Ltd. (AGN)?



Q: What is Argent Global Network Ltd. (AGN)? A: Argent Global Network, Ltd. is a Belize registered global company managed by a team of international marketers with over 50 years of proven experience. AGN is involved in the direct sales industry as well as network marketing industry, marketing its services and products through its Argent Global Network members.

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Welcome to the world of the future Internet-society – GlobAllShare



Come and get familiar with the world of social networking websites of the future, where exist no restrictions, you can easily get in touch whoever you wish, you can get the most popular services and you may also become an owner.

This is the society of the future

The major problem with the largest worldwide social networking websites is that more and more restrictions are introduced therefore to maintain liaison, to get acquainted with others and to establish new relationships are becoming increasingly difficult.

The goal of GlobAllShare is to set up the largest unrestricted social networking website of the future, here you may really keep in touch with whoever you wish, you may get to know people simply, you may build up new relationships, in an instant you can reach anyone all around the world with what you wish to share with them and anyone may view the postings of yours.

No restrictions

There are no restrictions on the social networking website of GlobAllShare and your postings can be viewed by anyone in the world. The GlobAllShare’s objective is to create a really global, social message board worldwide accessible at a time, where you may see every posting and everyone may view your postings as well, thus you will never lose any news any more.

All free

The use of GlobAllShare community is all free. Neither now, nor in the future will you have to pay for the use. You may get services at GlobAllShare’s website completely free for which elsewhere you used to pay. Free phone, free video-calls, live web-lectures, web-conference, video-email, SMS sending, games, films, music and all free you may create your own website or web-store, too.

You may get the GlobAllShare’s services all free all over the world.

Global launching: Schedule

01/15/2014: Launching the Private messaging system

02/20/2014: Closing the pre-organisation and ending of the issue of shares

03/30/2014: Full global access, launching interests and the trade of shares

As of 03/30/2014 each service of the GlobAllShare’s worldwide social network will be available and the crediting of dividends after shares is commenced and the trade of GAS shares is started.






What is Join2world? FAQ

Join2world is a pre-launch page which was created to prepare you for a new web service of our project. It will help marketers to get ready to have the best head-start to profit from spreading this web service across the world right from the moment of its launch. Information about our web service – our project was not initially available in order to prevent competitive services from copying our innovative community business and community marketing concept.

What will be our product about?

Nowadays people are bored by watching thousands of new businesses rise and fall, nobody knows which one will be the successfull one and so they don´t know, where they should register. Then comes the questions if there is somebody, who can help people choose independently, which business is the best. And this is when our product arise. People will be able to create absolutely simple form their own professional looking website. It can be website about anything, the business, the sale of the product, the sale of services, to get to know someone, just about anything. Mainly and most importantly, it will be a site to advertise their business, to attract new costumers, new affiliates, to increase potential of founding new members. The big advantage is that they will have secured traffic (also setting by state, city, interest). Initially, the project will run for marketers, then it will start also for ordinary people. New functions, features and graphic designs will be added regularly. There are lots of people who are not familiar with blogs or they even don´t know, what does a blog mean or they just cannot create their own website. Pages,that will people get from us, will be created by graphic designers and will be managed from their own virtual office (back office). We will take care of the visual side of their page and so everything will be beautiful, graphically perfect and user friendly. The whole page will look amazingly like it has been created in professional graphic design studio. People will be able to add the text, youtube videos, links to pages, forms … All by quite simple form. There will be also direct links to the Facebook or Twitter profiles, the mail and others. Everything will be connected, but most importantly the traffic will be ensured thanks to our unique and revolutionary system, only of its kind on the market.

Why our product?

There are lots of people who are not familiar with blogs or they even don´t know, what does a blog mean or they cannot create  their own website. Pages, that will people get from us, will be created by graphic designers and will be managed from their own virtual office (back office). It will be very easy for everyone and all people will be able to have a great website with Join2world.

How much can I earn in Join2world business?

You can see our compensation plan in “How 2 earn” section.

What is the time plan for the launch of the service?

Our web service will be launched in the summer 2013.

How much of my time will my marketing activity take me?

It is up to you and your profit targets. There are no requirements from our side. You can be also supported by your sponsor.

What is my work for now?

That depends on mainly on you. You can take the advantage of being at the beginning of this business and to ensure your income for the future, you should sign up as many people as you can. The best you do if you teach them how to build a network and how to work with them together. You would be in this case as a recommender (upline) and the bigger structure you build now (or later) the better you will be rewarded every month.

I´m new to this kind of business. What should I do?

We thought about people who have never been in MLM business before. Read our tutorial, that can be found in the Tutorial menu on the left side of main page. There you´ll find exact step show to become successfull.

How can I contact you?

We’ll always appreciate your feedback or enquiry at info@join2world.com.